Frequently Asked Moving Day Questions

What is the best way we can make it as easy as possible for the movers on move day?

Please be sure everything we've identified on the inventory page of the contract is labeled with the labels that were dropped with crates. Easiest way is a name or number system, your choice!

Should we just have people at both offices on move day, directing the movers on where to drop off the furniture / boxes?

We recommend having someone at the Origin and Destination of the move to help facilitate communication and direct the movers where you would like us to place certain belongings, etc.

Can we put our labels on the crates too?

Yes -we recommend labeling crates for the move.

On move day, how should we have everything organized to be moved? Do we need to have all the boxes and crates stacked in the front lobby area or all over?

If you can stage all boxes and be sure all furniture is labeled, this will make our jobs quick and easy!

Should we take all files out of file cabinets?

ONLY lateral files need to be unloaded into boxes or crates. The 2/3 drawer file cabinets need the top drawer emptied only and the 4/5 drawer file cabinets only need the top two drawers emptied into crates or boxes.

If we run out of labels, can we use our own? And it's okay to also have boxes of our own in addition to the crates right?

Yes you can use your own labels or we can provide them for you.

Also, can you please tell me how your movers will know which office/area to move each item to? I know that the stickers you use will let them know what needs to be moved, but how will they know where it needs to be moved to?

The labels will be up to you to write on them office numbers or peoples names or however you'd like to label these! We will move them as directed per the destination space plan. (Your destination can even have label on the door for what office it is so we know to match the label with the office.)

Are there any additional fees or charges that are not included in the proposal that we need to be aware of?

No this is a flat rate quote. To find out more aobut our pricing, please call today at (972) 484-1300.

Does the proposal reflect a flat price or an estimated price?

MoveWorks proposals reflect a flat rate.