General Frequently Asked Questions

What type of clients do you serve?

At MoveWorks, we provide commercial moving services for office buildings, medical laboratories, art galleries and more. If you have to schedule a commercial move, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, call MoveWorks today to discuss your needs and arrange for services!

Should I disconnect my own computer?

Unless we've discussed a plan for your IT set up, then yes, you should disconnect your IT equipment proir to the move.

Do you supply packing supplies?

Yes! At MoveWorks, we rent out crates and can sell boxes but bubble wrap, paper, and packing tape must be purchased by the client. (We do not provide it and it is recommend for clients to purchase in advance).

What types of services can I expect with my move?

You can rely on us to move all of your furniture and equipment. We also provide packing, unpacking, rehanging artwork, rigging, container stuffing, and specialty moving services to help make your move quick, easy and hassle-free.

If there anything you will not move?

We do not move live plants unless the clients are comfortable with possible total loss of plant. If you have any questions of concerns about what can or cannot be moved, please call us today at (972) 484-1300.

How high can I stack the crates?

4 crates high with the labels all facing the same way

What items can/should I put into the crate?

We recommend anything that will fit with the doors fully closed so it can stack as long as it's safely packed - Our MoveWorks team needs to be able to close

Where do I place the label on art/antiques?

We recommend placing labels anywhere that doesn't affect the art - if there's a frame, that is generally the best location, if not placing the label on the back will help ensure the interity of the piece.

Should all pieces of a UShape unit be labeled?

Yes, please label all Ushape units components prior to the move.